Friday, February 6, 2009

its been a minute -on hiatus for two wks`

ths really needs no cmnts - havnt been on in a minute, i know i know. not like me ; but i've been so tied up with my internship & school, ugh. everythings building up on me it seems. im missing out not only on my blog fam but my actual fam's lives as well. everyones been telling me that i need to take a break but i cant. for sme reason i feel if i take a break, whn i get bck on track its gna feel like i took 9 steps back. and i truly hate to start all over ; even if its jst my imagination. im checking blogs & i feel so lost because idk wtf is going on in my (usual reads) lives. ergh! i hate that. -- dont worry fam, (tries to sing like trey songs) i dont wana leave. but i gota go right now.... i'll be back before you know it! lol

much love


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