Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby SheKye x3


Our little Prince

Mommy & Baby

and my fav* - omg couldnt you jst die!
- good news, they've removed the blue ray light, hes off the IV (no more fluids for baby), hes off the oxygen (breathing on his own), they've increased his feedings to 24 CCs (started at 16 a wk ago & now at 24 already!), and he's gained 10 grams! hes our little soldier & with the many prayers & God's guidance he'll be home in no time! thanks again yous guys :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

DAMN lea! where you been?!

hi everybody! i've missed yous guys! so i know everyones been wondering, lea? where the hell you've been?! but i have some surprising news!! my mother jst gave birth to a beautiful babyboy on March 19, 2009! - 3lbs 6 oz ; my little buddle of joy! surprisingly, he was ready to come out before he was actually suppose to (lol) but we've waited long enough. his original due date was May 23, 2009 - now i know yall like, damn? its march! tf? but yeah, he was ready to discover ths crazy world we live in. if i had the chance, i wouldve swapped places with him since the second month lol - hes my pride though. its funny because i never wouldve thought my parents would have another little bean head, but hey, after a few drinks for mommy & daddy "things happen" right? lmfao. we're all elated & cant wait for him to come home! unfortunately, hes in intensive care receiving undivided attention & medication to help him cope with his prematurity. hes continuously fighting for his life & progressing everyday. so if yous guys can, please keep our family in your prayers? thanks blogfam & dont worry, i wont be such a stranger anymore!