Monday, June 15, 2009


its a calm monday nght - im bored, eating swedish fish & drinking gingerale.... wondering..... why the hell do we do totally stupid things? lets hold up a mirror to us right now shall we?

1. we blow our nose thn look at the snot in the tissue before folding the same, nastyass tissue to blow again!

2. we're sitting at the cpu, digging in our nose (dont try to act like you dont do it!) thn start typing w.o washing our hands! & if you think "rubbing the boogers off your fingers onto your pants" is sanitary, you should get kicked in the ankle. that sht is NASTY!

3. we're hungry, go dwnstairs to the kitchen, look in the fridge, dont find anything to eat thn LITERALLY like 2 minutes later, go right bck & look like smethng is jst gna magically appear!

4. whn we're bored, we pick up our cell phne & look thru thee most dumbest things... like our phonebook & the settings. oh lets not forget our photoalbum for the 78th time, like we dont already know what we took pictures of!

5. and the whole taking a crap, wiping & thn looking at the damn tissue afterwards is just DISGUSTING! i dont care which way you look at it! lol

kay, family guys bck on & i ran out of things to say...... but if you can remember any, let me know hunnies; bbl :)