Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009? already?!

Happy New Years!

-- get laid ;-)
-- get drunk
-- get zooted
-- get twisted :]

* whatever you choose to do & however you choose to do it, DO IT, but be safe when doing so. i wish all of yous a very happy & safe New Year! please drink responsibly! & keep that uncle that (drinks a little too much) away from anything you value lol kaythanksloveyousbye!

Monday, December 29, 2008

texting lingo bingo shingo dingo // blah *

alrighty - so EVERYONE in the world sent a txtmsg at least ONCE in their lives. no matter what town, city, state, country, planet (lol) -- its jst the "thing" to do. besides, i'd take txting over phone conversations ANYDAY. if your anything like me, its soo much more you can get across in a txtmsg. esp whn your having latenght txtsex.... i know im not the only one up at 3am talking abt what turns me on! lmfao. not only that but its also extra silent most if the time. with a txting on a bus or train you can barely hear it. unlike a cellphone/chirp its always the annoying saying "WAIT! can you hear me now? hold up..... is ths better? hello?? nene?! HELLO!" ugh lol that crap gets under my skin! or the infamous hand gestures with the phone..... moving it higher or anywhere but near your ear ; like thas really gona get you full reception lol & the other person on the phone know they be lying talking bout "yeah, thats better.... now what you was saying?" lol oh please! in the house, kay whatever talk all you want..... but for public communication -- please txt people!

---- point being ; i txt constantly ALL DAY, everyday. literally, 25/8 but sometimes i feel outta the loop. like theres a lingo im completely clueless about. alright, so im gna list what i KNOW & use.

W H AT E V E R i leave out please tell me!

  • LOL - laugh out loud
  • LMAO - laughing my ass off
  • LMFAO - laughing my F***ing ass off :D
  • ROTFL - rolling on the floor laughing
  • SMH - the sound you make whn you suck your teeth lol
  • SMFH - shaking my F***ing head
  • FAF - funny as f**k
  • IDK - i dont know
  • IDC - i dont care
  • BTW - by the way
  • WTF - what the F**k
  • P4P - pic for pic
  • l8er - later (its abt to be 2009, whotf still uses that?? lol)
  • BC-W/E- because, whatever
okay am i missing anything? PLEASE let me know! ths is like URGENT! kay thanks loveys :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

laaaadies! your prayers have been answered!

sooo for all my shoe fanatic ladies with no intentions of finding a man & jst "want some" (lol) or for the ladies that has a man & hes jst not hitting the "right" spots & you've always questioned "who knows myself better than me?" i've got the perfect* christmas gift for you! a genius by the name of Michael Brown has created such an orgasmic shoe to jst die for! -- lets admit it, we all have that inner freak thats jst DYING to come out! introducing the.... DildoShoe ; pretty self explanatory <3haha :D so i doubt any female would wear these to the mall or smething lol but if you and (or) your mansss are possibly into the "dominatrix" scene thn ths would be essential to your sex life. the spikes sets the mood & you never know! the "heel" might jst be for both yous guys enjoyment lol im all abt equality & whn it comes to this shoe? "climax at last! climax at last! thank God almighty for climax at last!" hahaa enjoy :)

nigger or nigg"a"?

honestly? i generally think that the word "nigger" is degrading enough. but for african americans to put a twist to it (nigga) and turn it into an acronym is jst RIDCULOUS! i mean, dont get me wrong ; jst recently i had to kinda go "cold turkey", if you will, and way myself from the habit of saying it. once you feel comfortable with placing that word in your vocabulary its difficult to stop. trust me, i've been thru it. now, for the 2008 grammy awards, the infamous couple who i absolutely admire (*) promoted his new album by wearing an interesting outfit. no tux & dress.... whats that about? oh noo! would that have been too conservative? hmp..... go figure.
okay so kelis looks ravishing as always & nas looks jst about as SCRUPTOUS as usual but i mean, their outfits? come on now. granted, they wore it well but for me that was one of the most embarrassing days of my life. ths isnt an outfit you'd wear to church, or to school, or DEFINITELY not to the million man march (lol) so why would you wear it to the damn grammy awards?! are you serious! its not much that i have to say because a very interesting comedian said it for me "nigga? N:never I:ignorant G:getting G:goals A:accomplished. is that not thee most dumbest thing you've heard??! thats like walking in the house & seeing a pile of shit on the floor thn putting whipped cream around it and candles & singing "happppy birthday to yoooouuu!" (lmfao - nuff said. LITERALLY)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

drunk driving? shts not cool.

who ever said teenagers were the only irresponsible humans to ever walk ths earth? i believe the world has the potential to birth a few irresponsible adults as well. im no saint & i may not be the most responsible person ever but i think i can discern whats right & wrong. its 2:42am - coming from a nght out, i stopped by my bestfriends house before i went home. it was a saturday & we both were bored. so we're sitting in the livingroom abt to open another conversation & outta nowhere we hear a loud BOOM! wtf jst happend??! so me being "concerned" (black folk we all know thats jst plain ole being nosy lmfao) i ran outside to see what happend. & ths is what stood before my eyes....

come to find out --- the driver of the silver Toyota Rav-4 was a spanish male who had one too many drinks & the gray Ford Focus was jst a regular car, on a regular street, at a regular house, at a bad time. THANK GOD no one was hurt except for the cars & the "neighborhood watchers" sign (lol). oh & thanks to me being the designated 911 caller & "ringer for the doorbell of the ford focuses owner" lol though the owner was overwhelmed, i mean who wouldnt be? my bestfriend & i did our best to calm her down. i mean you gota look at the positive outcome of thngs ; no one was injured & his insurance company is buying you a christmas car *** lol -- he was arrested for DUI of course & both cars were towed because they were evidently totalled. tough huh? WORD OF ADVICE ; drinking is not the worse thng in the world but its sure not the best. if your a constant drinker or an occasional drinker, teenager or adult, please drink responsibly & a cabbie or even having a designated driver is the most safest way to get home. people? drunk driving? shts not cool.

Friday, December 5, 2008

parking ticket? straight bullsht

10: 35pm okay so im at the hospital with mi madre x3 // beth israel - shes been complaining of intense headaches & abdominal pain. so we decided that it was abt time to get checked out. we get checked in & sit down until we're called. motor vehicle accident survivors come in with maaad commotion. i could understand why they're so upset but its no need to get upset with the workers & the patients there. its obvious we all came for one thing ; to get better. so do us all a favor & stfu -- i hate to be so blunt. anyway, im sitting there txting steph, mikey & justin. my mothers complimenting a gorgeous baby with juicy cheeks that you could jst bite & im freezing my balls off (literally) lol "ms.chovers, ms. umm...shovers?" okay so since whn has "chavers" been so difficult to pronunce? come on now. at ths point everything was jst working on my nerve. we get called to the back... they take my mothers BP & because of percentage, they decided to run some extra test. 11pm.......12am.....1am.... we're waiting. im growing impatient because its cold & im sick (worse combination yo) oh & not to mention im STARVING! so i decide to go to whitecastles since its not that far & thats the only thng thats open at ths time. i leave, come back & see that ths fatass honda odessey took my freaking parking space! oh you know i was heated! so i decided to park across the street with abt 4 other cars // it was a bus stop but usually after 12am you can park. since the other cars did so like an idiot so did i. besides i thought they'd be done with her by now. i go in, eat with her & discuss the wait. it was horrible. 2am, 3am, 3:30am, okay you know what? i have school in abt 4 hrs & i havnt even took my nght shower. i asked the doctor whats going on & they said they were gna keep her over nght. mind you i asked thm ths same exact question around 12am & they said no. pissed? exactly. i explained how i have to leave & for her to call either me or daddy & i'll come in the morning before school. kiss, goodnght, out. as soon as i walked out the gotdamn door i spotted that brightass yellow ticket a mile away! i was heated! i look over & im jst in awe. snatch the ticket from off my windshield, jump in the car & slam the door. wtF? did i neglect to mention i was the ONLY car with a ticket?! tonght was jst not my night. but a parking ticket to end my nght?? oh baby that was jst the icing on the cake. STRAIGHT BULLSHT!

taggggggged -

So I've been tagged by; CRAZi BEAUTiFUL

-*Blog Interrogation Rules;

A.)Pass this on to 7 people:

• B.)Answer the following questions using only one word.

1. Where is your cell phone? charger
2. Where is your significant other? school
3. Your hair color? black
4. Your mother? sleep
5. Your father? sleep
6. Your favorite thing? peace
7. Your dream last night? scary
8. Your dream/goal? power
9. The room you're in? bedroom
10. Your hobby? sleeping
11. Your fear? death
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? married :]
13. Where were you last night? bed
14. What you're not? liar
15. One of your wish-list items? chanel
16. Where you grew up? elizabeth
17. The last thing you did? drove
18. What are you wearing? pajamas
19. Your TV? on
20. Your pet? brother
21. Your computer? bright
22. Your mood? sick
23. Missing someone? boyfriend
24. Your car? garage
25. Something you're not wearing? shoes
26. Favorite store? macys
27. Your summer? weak
28. Love someone? relentlessly
29. Your favorite color? pink
30. When is the last time you laughed? earlier
31. Last time you cried? yesterday
32. Are you a bitch? sometimes
33. Favorite Position? whilesleeping? fetus
34. Favorite Past Time? elementary
35. Are you a hater or a lover? lover
37. Are you genuine or fake? genuine
38. Any Vices? deceit
39. Pro Life or Wire Hanger? wirehanger
40. McCAIN or OBAMA? OBAMA !!!!!!
41. Pro Plastic or Natural? natural
42. Dream Job? psychologist

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

holiday volunteering x3

every year since '04 i've been faithfully participating in holiday volunteering. mainly major holidays such as thanksgiving, christmas, and easter. holidays whn most families get together to celebrate with dinner and (or) gifts ; and thn there are the less fortunate ones that either no longer have a family to celebrate with for the holidays or jst cant afford to provide for their family how they want. students like myself help during these holidays with food, gifts, clothes, so on & so forth. local churches & shelters give us ths beautiful opportunity to indulge in such a wonderful deed. below are jst a few pictures from the thanksgiving pakaging. second to the dinner we had for the heritage village senior citizens home which took place 11/20/2008*
its such a beautiful feeling before, during, and after ths day. i had sooo much fun & i couldnt thnk of doing anything else today but help the less fortunate & give whatever it is i can give. i know the people we helped today will be eternally grateful and our work will be appreciated. its always better to give than recieve :]

Saturday, November 22, 2008

11.22.08 nght with dannie :]

omg so tonght had to be theeee most LAUGH OUT LOUD nght of the month! literally. so ths is how it went ; i did a little running around in the beginning of my day, went to see my godchild thn hurried to pick up dannie! we started our nght like any other friendship ; with nothing but gossip, gossip, & more gossip. yum! thn decided to eat out at the applebees on springfield ave * --i figured it'll be classless & tacky but believe it or not the establishment carried thmselves verrrry well & i was very satisfied. although our waitress couldve did without the speech impediment lol but whos to say my speaking is 100% correct ya know? ANYWHO! we started the meal off with conversation while we waited....... and waited...... and waited patiently for our appetizers :) FINALLY whn nicole (the waitress) came i enjoyed a wonderful caesar salad & she had mozzarella sticks with marinara dipping sauce (which she didnt eat by the way! ugh) laughed practically through the whole meal lol meanwhile we're connecting in ways unimaginable & finding out what ELSE we could possibly have in common. yet STILL laughing :-D half hour goes by & nicole comes back to the table for the 17th time & asks us if we're ready to order lol so we finally decided on our main entree`. i ordered the grilled & asiago chicken with garlic mashed potatoes & steam veggies (ooh lala*) & dannie ordered a short stack of babybck ribs & fries (which yet AGAIN, she didnt eat! argh!) throughout our dinner i could barely chew my food or swallow my sprite *with a lemon* because every other word that came outta dannies mouth was OUT OF THS WORLD! i laughed, laughed, laughed, laughed, laughed. i mean, no exaggeration necessary you guys. so im sitting down, literally devouring my meal whn outta nowhere dannie brings up the topic abt her obsession with lighter skinned males. once again, we have smething in common. i mean with me i wouldnt say obsession but 2 outta 3 of the boyfrnds i've ever had was lighter than me, it wasnt a requirement (lol) but it was a religious pattern ya know? so i explained how my first love* larry was lightskin & my second was jst as light. so shes like larry? big ears? short? howard? im like OMFG! PLEASE DONT TELL ME......... thn she cuts me off & says "yes i used to talk to him" OMG! WTF! YOU GOTS TO BE KIDDING ME! was the only thngs that were going thru my mind at ths point.... like ths was jst another thng to add on to our list of "thngs in common" & it was jst getting freakier by the second. so we go into another discussion abt how our current boyfrnds are a tad bit darker & how we'd rather thm over our ex's lol so moving on... we get on the infamous topic of yes yes, you already know! SEX!! i explain to her how im saving myself for marriage but im not totally innocent & thn we jump into the "other thngs besides sex" convo lol you guys! im telling you! it was sooo juicy! so we're talking, and talking, and making fun of the "fashion NOTS", and talking..... lol every moment was jst the absolute best! so eventually we were done chowing down & it was time to wrap it up. we paid for our food separately so the waitress had to tally exactly whos was whos because she assumed we were lesbos & whoever played the role of the boyfriend would handle the check lmfao okay okay no! we jst forgot to tell her lol any who as im evaluating MY check, im thinking to myself... did i really eat $18.48 worth of food? or am i jst being cheap again? lol i paid credit & she paid ca$h ---- after everything was handle we noticed we had occurred a little itty bitty problemo ; whos gona leave the tip?? lol after go back & forth abt how much would be proper we agreed to disagree & left ths -------------> lmfao yes indeedy, two buckaroos under a heinz ketchup bottle lol lol lol! hey times is hard & it be's that way! lol but overall i enjoyed myself to the fullest extent possible & tonght was definitely a nght to remember :] & thn whn i got home i kinda felt bad abt the whole "tip" thng, i mean because hypothetically speaking, WHAT IF she had 13 kids, 9 babydaddies who didnt do CRAP to support thm, living in a two room shack with the tub & toilet in the kitchen & depends solely on her tips...... would we be held accountable for her "financial" mishaps for tonght? lol idk jst a thought.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

november 17th - 3:10 am

-- i continuously take these like power naps whn i get home from school, wake up around 2am & still question why i cant seem to fall back to sleep (?) & not to mention the fact that i have these anguishing cramps which plays a part in my attempt to not fall asleep // ugh. im aggravated & crabby sipping warm tea with abt 2 slices of lemon & watching family guy because its practically the only entertaining show on latenght tv. my fingers are getting tired & my eyes are literally BURNING so im jst gna bullet my agenda for the next 5 hours before school (lol)

  • sign off the internet
  • rewrite my away msg on aim -- blaah
  • refill my cup of tea & refresh my lemons :]
  • iron my clothes for the morning // argh!
  • pop another 4 pills to execute my unrelenting cramps lol
  • ibuprofen, excedrin & naproxen (yess baby)
  • straight ODee off em` lmfao
  • reply to unanswered txtmsgs i received earlier
  • ask myself why i do these thngs routinely every nght (?)
  • pray & ask God for forgiveness & strength
  • count sheep :]
alright im beat! outtt bloggers *

Thursday, November 13, 2008

2008 MTV Europe Music Awards

none other thn the daring ms.Estelle wearing a beautiful disaster at the 2008 MTV Europe music awards which took place on Nov 6,2008. honestly ths paper mache replica looks jst about as attractive as a 2 legged dog. GRANTED shes freaking it like a Dolce & Ganbana original but we can obviously see its NOT. & OMG it has pockets! ughh! dont get me wrong most of the time she has ths unique style that i jst admire but whn i saw ths heep of a mess i thought "omg wtf?" -- wearing a beige paper bag is a little risky but hey if thats what passes for a disguised compliment or a few papparazi flicks so critics can later dissect it thn baby so be it :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

que sólo me!

& there are the bi-polar days :]

but who doesnt love those! haha

the shoe wheel - a no? or a GO!

alright ladies! so whn it cmes to spacesaving? the shoewheel has to be #1 on my list! Rakku (who by the way is a FREAKING genius!) came up with ths unique idea to create such an invention! i happen to be a shoe fanatic & whn i came across ths i jst had to GRAB IT! it holds abt 30 pairs of shoes - wedge heels, stilettos, flats, etc & is priced at $65. okay so its a little expensive but its sooooo WORTH it! not to mention it also holds sneakers (omg!) so you'd buy it online & it also comes in black, silver & white. i think its a GREAT invention & without it i'd be completely lost! im not a major fan of sneakers, more of a shoe person but with ths it doesnt discriminate & i jst adore it! please GET ths ASAP! heey! & get ths ; OPRAH owns one! :-D

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Real Housewive$ of Atlanta --

*atlantas housewives*
Bravo has produced a nonstop controversial series by the name of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. who are these magnificent ladies & eminent wives? non other than the glamorous Lisa Wu Hartwell, the OVER-THE-TOP NeNe Leakes, the wonderfuuul Deshawn Snow, the savvy Kim Zolciak and the fabulous* Sheree' Whitfield! hardworking, independent, intellectual women of Atlanta, Georgia. the wives of prominent athletes, businessmen, doctors, lawyers, etc show you that they're not totally dependent on their husbands wallets but can scrap for themselves. OMG i jst love it!

Ms. Lisa Wu Hartwell x3 --

Lisa* who i admire the most, is the life of the party, beautiful, full of energy, & portrays a character of an aweson wife! shes probably the main reason why my eyes are glued to the television every tuesday at 10pm :] she has a sparkling personality & dazzling looks! shes loves to have duty with E V E R Y thing thats has A N Y thing to do with business & shes perfect in front of a camera! *QUOTE* "i just love the camera! it gives me a chance to be myself & jst live!" well Lisa you are definitely eye candy & i idolize you! right after my motherdearest*! so continue doing what you do because its appreciated!

short hair or long hair? hot or not?

OKAY! every since rihanna (who i absolutely love by the way) made an exhilarating transition from long ( pon de replay, SOS, unfaithful) to short (umbrella, take a bow, live your life) its been a trendsetting extravaganza in the wonderful world of glitsz & glam! celebrities that rage from Keyshia Cole, to Beyonce Knowles, all the way to even the Queen of R&B herself Ms.Mary J Blige have tremendously switched over to the Flintstone's very own Betty "bob" appeal. is it an impecable hot? or a fashion hairstyling NOT?!

tmobile + google = G1

The Infamous G1

so theres all ths controversy abt the infamous G1* which came out October 22, 2008 - android market, 3G network, MP3, 3.1 megapixel, touch screen, Gmail, jst abt the closest thng to heaven on earth! i own one & absolutely love it! why its my baby! i recieved it November 3, 2008 & its been literally glued to my hands ever since!

Tmobile G1 vs Apple iphone
nowadays it seems all the hype between myspace, facebook & phone conversations are centered around who takes the millennium cake?! the iphone-3G or the G1-3G? quite frankly i believe they're neck & neck with one another. apples iphone's capabilities are OUT OF THIS WORLD! buuuut the G1s android community * ringdroid has to be the greatest creation in 3G network history! i can go on & on until im blue in the face abt these two but ultimately we all know i'll be here for days. they're both incredibly amazing but i would without a doubt take the G1 over the iphone ANYDAY! simply because its waaay cheaper & the keypad is verry useful & comes in handy during those days whn us females have our nails done* or whn we jst wana pig out but is afraid to touch the screen whn receiving a text because the iphone is ULTRA sensitive to grease & such. so you ask who takes the cake in my perspective? the G1*****