Monday, June 15, 2009


its a calm monday nght - im bored, eating swedish fish & drinking gingerale.... wondering..... why the hell do we do totally stupid things? lets hold up a mirror to us right now shall we?

1. we blow our nose thn look at the snot in the tissue before folding the same, nastyass tissue to blow again!

2. we're sitting at the cpu, digging in our nose (dont try to act like you dont do it!) thn start typing w.o washing our hands! & if you think "rubbing the boogers off your fingers onto your pants" is sanitary, you should get kicked in the ankle. that sht is NASTY!

3. we're hungry, go dwnstairs to the kitchen, look in the fridge, dont find anything to eat thn LITERALLY like 2 minutes later, go right bck & look like smethng is jst gna magically appear!

4. whn we're bored, we pick up our cell phne & look thru thee most dumbest things... like our phonebook & the settings. oh lets not forget our photoalbum for the 78th time, like we dont already know what we took pictures of!

5. and the whole taking a crap, wiping & thn looking at the damn tissue afterwards is just DISGUSTING! i dont care which way you look at it! lol

kay, family guys bck on & i ran out of things to say...... but if you can remember any, let me know hunnies; bbl :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

getting back in the habit -

hi everyone :) missed yous guys mucho! been m.i.a since the "breakup" & everything, im slowly but surely getting back in the habit. its a little easier than i expected to adjust bck to the single life, lucky for me right? im doing it, so dont worry. um, prom (may 21st, 2009) was amazing - i definitely enjoyed myself. even though the beg. of that day was a little stressful, i managed & it turned out perfectly :) heres a few pictures to flaunt & a little bit of my wildwood photos with my sister <3

just got finished with my makeup

my date & i

us again, with his camera
in the limo, looks kinda schmedium to be a hummer right
? lolus & my sisters BIG ASS butt! lol


WildWood NJ (wknd after prom)

sister since '99
honey he was fineeee! lol

Sunday, May 17, 2009


s i n g l e
  • stressing is not my flow
  • love is something thats complicated
  • my heart is fragile but im gona be alright.
  • havnt completely pulled the bandage off jst yet, but im definitely not gona let ths one ruin everything for the next. i promise you that.
  • still fierce baby & wont catch me down.

- so it seems as if another one bites the dust.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

im done with the shit man

and im sitting back like fck the world, and everybody in it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

welcome .....

to good burger, home of the good burger, can i take your order?
remember eddie & dexter? lol yo i used to know all the words to ths movie!
i always loved that part. kel stupid self had on a lingerie set lmfao

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

current shoe purchases --

what are we thinking?

i call these "saddle uppers" lmfao ignore that.

these somewhat remind me of a biker jacket. (motorcycle) -- i x3 the female motorcyclist yo ; straight badasses!

**** ps. for abt a yr & 6 months straight i have been relentlessly searching for Victoria's Secret grapesicle lotion & grapefruit body splash by the "Beauty Rush" collection. ever since october 2007, whn i was first introduced to it by a gift frm smeone special* i fell in love with it & was highly upset whn victoria's stupid secret got "tired of it"! those bastards! so yeah, they discontinued that.... but HA! im in luck because i found some anyway! nananabooboo! =P

if your in the jersey area & want to know where you can get ths, hit me honey. i'll hook you up!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

apologies to my blogfam

hi my loves! omg i miss yous guys sooo much! i've jst been soooo busy with school & prom ugh! its jst been so hectic! i have not blogged, myspaced, twitted, or facebooked in sooooo longgg! damn. i feel so lost! im getting jealous & sht over everybodys elses updates because i havnt been up here since damnit march! lol please forgive me! i lost my camera a couple wks ago :( so no picsssss until i get the $$ to buy me another one! (ergh!) but dont worry, im saving up my pennies! prom is May 21, 2009 so mucho pics by thn :D i promise! i love all yous guys!

kaaay leme go cmnt my babiessssss * adios!

ps. i needed my eyebrows done in that photo lmfao

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


im verrry excited that i finaaaaally reached my first 100 followers :) i've literally waited for ths day whn i could elaborate my gratitude & thanks to yous guys, its hereeee! i jst really wana show much appreciation to every last o n e of my followers :) as well as those who by-pass. for yous guys to take the time out of your days to actually read the ridiculous things i have to say & to have the cooperation to cmnt, whether good or bad (which like, never happens) means a hell of a lot to me! i know i can be hella dramatic & outragously bi-polar ; but thanks to yous guys, you give me the encouragement i need to go on. i honestly love all my followers, even those who dont cmnt lol -- its very much appreciated. once again, THANK YOU!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

dizzinner yoo!

cutting straight to the chase - im full. im super souped & i had to brag jst a little bit lol got home today & decided to cook for the fam once again! what will satisfy our hunger more than BAKED ZITI maaaaan!looks sexy doesnt it?? LOL please believe i killed that as well :] six cheese sauce with four dfrnt cheeses to coat it with. looks like i'll be using that Gas-X more than i thought lmfao.


AFTER:im such a damn FATASS! so much for me fitting into that dress on saturday huh? lol ugh!

it was damn good! but leme hurry up & go bck for seconds before my parents get to it! goodnght honeybunsssssss :D

oops, i pooted!

i know its pretty disgusting & somewhat unladylike but damnit i cant help it! lately i've been having alot of pain in the (abdominal section), if you know what i mean, and for sme reason i cant control my flatulents. whn im in class its THE WORST because i sit directly in front of all my teachers & i know ppls behind wonder "why the hell cant she sit still?" i mean, i squirm & wiggle & really do jst abt anything to not fart lol but i cant help it! so i try to suck my stomach as tight as i could so at least if i do fart, it wont be extra loud lol i mean i cant take it. as easily as it sounds for me to pass gas, its really not. its actually difficult. like wtf does that mean? so lasnght i decided to take a quick trip to walmart & picked up some Gas-X -- it worked somewhat but maybe i have to get a little bit used to it.

--- oh & please tell me why on my way home from school i tuned into the wendy williams experience (i love it!) and she said that she watched the news a couple nights ago & saw smethng abt anal cancer (tf?) symptoms include
  • lumps or bumps located near the anus
  • anal bleeding or bleeding during bowel movements
  • anal discharge
  • pain in or around the anus
  • itchy sensation around or inside the anus
  • change in bowel habits, such as constipation, diarrhea and the thinning of the stools
okay so i dont have any of those symptoms but i thought since i was on the subject of "things to do with booties" lol i would share this. be careful people! keep that booty safe!

Monday, April 6, 2009

twitter mumbo jumbo!

so its 2:43 am & im jst now realizing that everyone has a twitter except me! even busta rhymes ass got a twitter! LOL where does maxxy fall into ths loop of controversy? i viewed a profile or two in which afterwards i decided to hoover my mouse's arrow over the link that says "join now" but i couldnt! it jst looked so complicated to me. like i wouldnt know what the hell i was doing. point being, thats why i only have a myspce. (go figure) no facebook, no xanga, no migenta page (member that?) & definitely NO BLACK PLANET! ew! lol maad 45 yr olds up there lol they jst all seemed to hard to do. bf* has made me a facebook before because thats all he does, but i couldnt get with the "flow". ppls were leaving sht on my "wall" & i didnt know wtf that meant at the time lol ima jerk so i end up deleting it after 3 wks of nothing. myspce is more my speed. at least i KNOW what im doing! i can digg myspce like a shovel. but to make a long story short, i decided to hop on the bandwagon & do the damn thing :) so be proud of me & follow my twitter so i can do you! that sounds kinda freaky doesnt it? hehe, oh what the hell! its the middle of the nght! my mind is in the right place! lol so yeah, do that? por favor? mucho gracias :D

Saturday, April 4, 2009

eh, i guess.

- so im never simple whn its comes to style & wardrobe. nothings ever routine for me - change is beautiful & i do it from time to time. a couple days ago i decided to pull back the sleeves & try smething new. i've always been a crusader for mild makeup & high fashion and i figured this was smething to share. a new (temporary) look - i was a little skeptic at first, pulling up the stockings & painting my lips with cherry red lipstick (bobby brown: WOOT!) but i managed to get it together & came up with ths outcome ---- so what'd you think?

a little too much or jst right? its pretty chic & sassy if anything. im a classic dresser ; i appreciate the HUGE waist belts & gigantic duffle type handbags. idk its jst smethng that always grabbed me. ths summer is gona be quite interesting ;-) jst wait & see!

lea -