Sunday, May 3, 2009

apologies to my blogfam

hi my loves! omg i miss yous guys sooo much! i've jst been soooo busy with school & prom ugh! its jst been so hectic! i have not blogged, myspaced, twitted, or facebooked in sooooo longgg! damn. i feel so lost! im getting jealous & sht over everybodys elses updates because i havnt been up here since damnit march! lol please forgive me! i lost my camera a couple wks ago :( so no picsssss until i get the $$ to buy me another one! (ergh!) but dont worry, im saving up my pennies! prom is May 21, 2009 so mucho pics by thn :D i promise! i love all yous guys!

kaaay leme go cmnt my babiessssss * adios!

ps. i needed my eyebrows done in that photo lmfao


simone_dior said...

welcome back!!

chunkeemonkee said...

i was wondering where u been, i was like-what happened?! lol. glad ur back.

Miss.Fortune said...

i missed u too my love..
and aww no u lost ur camera..
thats not suppose to happen

monroestacks - said...

thanks honeys :) * miss.fortune, ugh baby tell me abt it!!!!