Saturday, May 30, 2009

getting back in the habit -

hi everyone :) missed yous guys mucho! been m.i.a since the "breakup" & everything, im slowly but surely getting back in the habit. its a little easier than i expected to adjust bck to the single life, lucky for me right? im doing it, so dont worry. um, prom (may 21st, 2009) was amazing - i definitely enjoyed myself. even though the beg. of that day was a little stressful, i managed & it turned out perfectly :) heres a few pictures to flaunt & a little bit of my wildwood photos with my sister <3

just got finished with my makeup

my date & i

us again, with his camera
in the limo, looks kinda schmedium to be a hummer right
? lolus & my sisters BIG ASS butt! lol


WildWood NJ (wknd after prom)

sister since '99
honey he was fineeee! lol


chunkee munkee said...

hey-ur back again! well im glad to hear things are working out for you!
DAAYYUM that IS a big ass.(0_o)

Teesha said...

aww you looked pretty at prom ! glad to see you back

lipstick cherry said...


Anonymous said...

You looked so cute!
Loved your hair..
& you looked so fresh and glamorous
@ the beach!

G-M0N3Y said...

aww.. ur dress was bomb girl, hair on point too!

and stay strong on the break-up tip.. never depend on somebody else for YOUR happiness.. u got this =]

Notion said...

cute pics and that last post you were look gorgeous in that picture i just had to say

One Eighteen said...

I like that first pic!

Wassup, came across your blog and I thought it was cool so I'll be back when you update... stay up!


Milly said...

You looked gorgeous on your prom night! Glad youre on the up and up again!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

You looked fab, I love the way you do your makeup

RocNaija said...


Your sister.. damn..

Hildi**** said...

cute pics your skin looks flawless

Fre$h as $he Wannabee said...

you are the cutest thing! I love your blog!