Saturday, May 30, 2009

getting back in the habit -

hi everyone :) missed yous guys mucho! been m.i.a since the "breakup" & everything, im slowly but surely getting back in the habit. its a little easier than i expected to adjust bck to the single life, lucky for me right? im doing it, so dont worry. um, prom (may 21st, 2009) was amazing - i definitely enjoyed myself. even though the beg. of that day was a little stressful, i managed & it turned out perfectly :) heres a few pictures to flaunt & a little bit of my wildwood photos with my sister <3

just got finished with my makeup

my date & i

us again, with his camera
in the limo, looks kinda schmedium to be a hummer right
? lolus & my sisters BIG ASS butt! lol


WildWood NJ (wknd after prom)

sister since '99
honey he was fineeee! lol

Sunday, May 17, 2009


s i n g l e
  • stressing is not my flow
  • love is something thats complicated
  • my heart is fragile but im gona be alright.
  • havnt completely pulled the bandage off jst yet, but im definitely not gona let ths one ruin everything for the next. i promise you that.
  • still fierce baby & wont catch me down.

- so it seems as if another one bites the dust.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

im done with the shit man

and im sitting back like fck the world, and everybody in it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

welcome .....

to good burger, home of the good burger, can i take your order?
remember eddie & dexter? lol yo i used to know all the words to ths movie!
i always loved that part. kel stupid self had on a lingerie set lmfao

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

current shoe purchases --

what are we thinking?

i call these "saddle uppers" lmfao ignore that.

these somewhat remind me of a biker jacket. (motorcycle) -- i x3 the female motorcyclist yo ; straight badasses!

**** ps. for abt a yr & 6 months straight i have been relentlessly searching for Victoria's Secret grapesicle lotion & grapefruit body splash by the "Beauty Rush" collection. ever since october 2007, whn i was first introduced to it by a gift frm smeone special* i fell in love with it & was highly upset whn victoria's stupid secret got "tired of it"! those bastards! so yeah, they discontinued that.... but HA! im in luck because i found some anyway! nananabooboo! =P

if your in the jersey area & want to know where you can get ths, hit me honey. i'll hook you up!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

apologies to my blogfam

hi my loves! omg i miss yous guys sooo much! i've jst been soooo busy with school & prom ugh! its jst been so hectic! i have not blogged, myspaced, twitted, or facebooked in sooooo longgg! damn. i feel so lost! im getting jealous & sht over everybodys elses updates because i havnt been up here since damnit march! lol please forgive me! i lost my camera a couple wks ago :( so no picsssss until i get the $$ to buy me another one! (ergh!) but dont worry, im saving up my pennies! prom is May 21, 2009 so mucho pics by thn :D i promise! i love all yous guys!

kaaay leme go cmnt my babiessssss * adios!

ps. i needed my eyebrows done in that photo lmfao