Sunday, January 25, 2009

i honestly think humans are the weirdest species -

lately i've been wondering why i do the things i do. generally, why do humans do the things they do? life can be soo simple for us but yet we make life extremely difficult. we are dumbfounded whn it comes to choosing friends & jst plain retarted whn it comes to choosing "significant others". we ignore the ones who adore us & adore the ones who ignore us - whn smeone passes away we're soo selfish that we dont cry for their families but because "we" wont ever get to see thm again ; we also dont think abt how much harm they were in whn they were on earth & we ignre the fact that yet they're not here, they're better off there. not only that but we do stupid stuff on habit - we forgive friends more than we forgive family even though at the end of the day, they're really all we got. we're willing to put our life in jeopardy to protect smeone elses. but thats the bittersweet side :) we're retarted even whn it comes to the simple things. whn we're hungry we look in the fridge for smethng to eat, dont find anything thn like 3 minutes later we go back in the fridge as if smethngs gna magically appear (haha) ; whn we're vaccumming the floor & we're trying to suck up smethng big but instead of picking it up & putting it in the garbage, our stupid selves try to stuff it in the damn vaccuum cleaner! we will spend literally 45 minutes looking for the remote whn all we wana do is turn the tv up! we put the captions on the tv even though we know good & damn well we hear it clearly! the infamous photo captions on myspce or facebook that says "i hate ths pic" or "i look ugly in ths picture" ; thn why in the hell would you put it up there stupid! whn we're in a relationship we will secretly search thru myspce, facebook, etc jst to find smethng thats close to creeping jst so we can get ourselves mad thm blame it on thm. oh & lets not forget the staying up late even tho we know we gota get up early in the morning thn try to calculate the amount of hrs of sleep we gon get (lol) --- but thats jst humanity! we're humanly stupid :)

ps. i found the picture on google, hes cute right? haha

Sunday, January 18, 2009

im not gay! I SWEAR!

alright, no. seriously. todays hottest video vixen ms.Angel Lola Luv has to be thee most sexiest female in the industry right now -- her unique nationality combo of Trinidadian & Ethiopian is jst as mesmerizing as her amazing curves. measurements of 34 C, 22, 40. she acts, models, raps -- like shes the real deal yous guys. & honestly speaking, IF i was either a man or a lesbo ; i would do her on a hot sunday morning. im not talking little kissy here & little touchy there. im talking steamy, funky, nasty ANIMAL sex! the "sex on a park bench in broad daylight" type , "in the front row of the movie theater" type night. 3 maybe 4 times. take a nap, get smething to drink, thn do her again. oh & videotape everything so we can watch it... while we do it again ;-) but i SWEAR im not gay!

NO HOMO :] lmfao

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

January 13, 2008
-- was whn it all started. its crazy but i could remember it like it was yesterday. our first date * we decided that i'll drive that day so after
the movies & ihop, i dropped you off home & you asked "hey lea, if i were to ask you out what would you say?" i blushed, shrugged thn said "well, i dunno. we'll jst have to wait & see" thn your silly self got down on one knee & asked "sheleatha? will you be my grlfriend?" :D it was the cutest thing & i felt extremely special. after i gracefully said yes, with those high cheek bones, & the most adorable dimples that you can jst dive into that created that such mesmerizing smile, you laughed, stood up & gave me the most embracing hug. i could still remember your scent whn i inhaled & exhaled with nothing but joy. every since that day you've been the same corny but sweet gentlemen. the person to relentlessly believe in me even whn i was too foolish to believe in myself. no relationships perfect but baby, you make me feel like a princess everytime im with you. im soo carefree whnever im even surrounded by your presence. we're perfectly imperfect & thats alright. you have the power to let me know that there IS a God. & he loved me sooo much that he took time out of his busy schedule, to create you, jst for me. (-tylerperry) thank you for wanting to share a year & many more with me. I love you Mr.allen.

ps. he wrote "maxxy" not me lol

Sunday, January 11, 2009

i ♥ my kaizzy -

so yeah, i have a doggie :]
his names Kazoo but the family calls him kaizzy.
thats my baby. hes a Shih-tzu & i spoil him to
DEATH! i bring him everywhere i go &
there isnt
a time whn i go out &
not pick him up anything.
whether its treats, clothes, booties, & (or) jewelry.
hes a lot like me ; he sleeps almost half the day away,
thn eats, goes back to sleep, & wakes up jst to eat again.
lol you g
ota love em!ONE THING THOUGH -- he snores. REALLY LOUDLY! like,
smetimes i wake up in the middle of the nght like
"would you jst SHUT THE HELL UP kaizzy!" lol i
know, i know. its bad. i sit & wonder how could
smething soo small snore
soo loud??butttttt, i love him. dearly. thats my baby love :]
he means everything to me! i jst wish i could find
a damnit nasal strip or smething to hush that
awful snoring! little bastard.
but thats my baby! x3

ps. FIRST picture of me smiling. and actually showing those pearly whites! ohp!

Friday, January 9, 2009

the good ole' days :)

i miss the 90s' yous guys. i miss the staying up real late on fridays & waking up early saturday morning to catch ABC's "one saturday morning" lol - the "right afterschool" channel 13 shows omg those were the good ole' days. you cant say you dont miss thm! now its waste of tv programming like the real world, bromance, icarly, brandy & mr.whiskers, UGH no more good stuff! wait! tell me you DONT miss these!

the CLASSIC bowbows ha
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers x3
like everyones father had a coogi lol

Reebok Classics?! yessssss

Barney & friends! hey you know they got another dino? yeah, riff. hes orange!
baaabyborn! she pees! SAVED BY THE BELL!
AC Slater? omg! jockass!

light up sneaks with the velcro!
Gulla Gulla Island!!
Tamagotchis & Gigapets!!!
Press on nails! -- my cousin used to stay
stealing these out the walgreens lol
Mcdonalds happy meals with the beanie babies!

FULL HOUSE! joey was soo fine!

family matters ; i always admired eddie ;-)
CAPRI SUNS! need i say more?
ToyStory ; the first one was the BEST

hot & cheese fries! thn they changed the game
with steak fries & salsa! lol omg omg
lipglosssss - i swear like i used to get the same one E V E R Y
christmas! came in the little purse with the hair bows lol
Dragon Tales :)
KoolAid bursts! the blue & red ones was always my favorite!
lets not forget this......

----- strolling down memory lane felt good huh? yeah, i know. i miss it too.