Monday, February 9, 2009

read a few blogs & most of them had the infamous "25 random facts" post. i thought it was cute & a good way to re-introduce yourself to the blogfamily. so sit back, relax & enjoy :)

1. my name is Sheleatha but i hate it because its too long & no one can ever pronunce it properly so i have an alter-ego by the name of Maxine Monroe.

2. sometimes im over emotional & cry more than a baby

3. i am still a virgin and proud of it :)

4. fashion is my hobby

5. i couldnt go a day without txting

6. i sleep with my parents on a daily basis (shut up!)

7. i have over 230 belts for absolutely no reason

8. i collect barbies & my oldest is 12 yrs old

9. im an online shopper

10. my mothers my bestfriend & my doggie is my child

11. make-up is my passion

12. poetry is my escape

13. i have a boyfriend x3 and hes my sanity.

14. i love the rain but hates getting wet ugh

15. i have a porn collection ;-)

16. i have an obsession with gold jewelry

17. i have 10 piercings (can you guess?)

18. i will NOT turn the channel for a whole wk if i cant find the remote

19. i hate ALL types of condiments except for hotsauce

20. my parents & my boyfriend seem to think i have a shopping addiction and literally wants to get me help but im still in denial :)

21. i pray maybe about 13 times a day.

22. i own possibly 120 pairs of panties and maybe like 25 bras lol

23. i have a HUGE sexual imagination

24. i have a godchild & i love him with all my heart.

25. i only possess 3 bestfriends and without them im not sure exactly where i'd be mentally.


JOFre$h said...

Dope good stuff.

G-M0N3Y said...

look @ u hot stuff!
lol, outfit is cute :)

Miss.Fortune said...

-first of all ur beautiful!
-ppl have a hard time of pronouncing my name too..even tho its only 4 letters...smh!
-my sisters name is maxine
-congrats on being a virgin! guard it with ur life
-im addicted to textin
-i still have barbies
-#18 is so my sis lmao..lazy ass

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Major props on num 3!!!! ;)

-- // lethalpoi$on said...

Miss.Fortune, thanks hunny :) & its getting harder & harder everyday ugh

Kimberly Michelle said...

This was the most interesting list of random facts I have ever read in my life!

Tashur Raquel said...

thats a cute ass outfit!

-- // lethalpoi$on said...

G-MON3Y & Tashur Raquel, thanks sweeties :)