Sunday, January 18, 2009

im not gay! I SWEAR!

alright, no. seriously. todays hottest video vixen ms.Angel Lola Luv has to be thee most sexiest female in the industry right now -- her unique nationality combo of Trinidadian & Ethiopian is jst as mesmerizing as her amazing curves. measurements of 34 C, 22, 40. she acts, models, raps -- like shes the real deal yous guys. & honestly speaking, IF i was either a man or a lesbo ; i would do her on a hot sunday morning. im not talking little kissy here & little touchy there. im talking steamy, funky, nasty ANIMAL sex! the "sex on a park bench in broad daylight" type , "in the front row of the movie theater" type night. 3 maybe 4 times. take a nap, get smething to drink, thn do her again. oh & videotape everything so we can watch it... while we do it again ;-) but i SWEAR im not gay!

NO HOMO :] lmfao


toytoyy said...

oooh i hate this bitch.
whit her fake ass ASS.
she madd pretty but i cnt stand her. lol.

Jervis said...

no homo huh???,yeh right

j e l l i e b e a n c u h k z. said...

hahaha .
i feel yuu tho !
im not qayy either .
bt i think shes hella pretty && if i could steal someones body id steal hers lmao .

nt skinne n e mo said...

yehh she really is pretty !
i would do her if i was a lesbo
or gay...."IM NOT GAY ....i swear" lmao
we all know that ass is fake
and shit. but still !!


le said...

she's really pretty
but she seems a plastic doll or something..she has nothinggg on ester

chavita!!! <3 said...

wow she's hawt

Mista Jaycee said...

Sound like there might be a lil salt in ya cake but that's alright cause you sound like you have a much higher sugar ratio. Angel Lola Luv is a sight to behold but she didn't get all that from the manufactuer dig? Some of that were accessories added through technology. I've seen the real photos on some of the Ethiopian sites that hate her.


Unbreakable said...

i don't matter what is fake i think she is hot. if you don't born with it buy it, weather it be hair,breast, or assssss

Crystalynne D said...

not with that biggas tattoo on her neck

TDB said...

lol ditto. i dont care that her booty is she is GORGEOUS!