Sunday, January 11, 2009

i ♥ my kaizzy -

so yeah, i have a doggie :]
his names Kazoo but the family calls him kaizzy.
thats my baby. hes a Shih-tzu & i spoil him to
DEATH! i bring him everywhere i go &
there isnt
a time whn i go out &
not pick him up anything.
whether its treats, clothes, booties, & (or) jewelry.
hes a lot like me ; he sleeps almost half the day away,
thn eats, goes back to sleep, & wakes up jst to eat again.
lol you g
ota love em!ONE THING THOUGH -- he snores. REALLY LOUDLY! like,
smetimes i wake up in the middle of the nght like
"would you jst SHUT THE HELL UP kaizzy!" lol i
know, i know. its bad. i sit & wonder how could
smething soo small snore
soo loud??butttttt, i love him. dearly. thats my baby love :]
he means everything to me! i jst wish i could find
a damnit nasal strip or smething to hush that
awful snoring! little bastard.
but thats my baby! x3

ps. FIRST picture of me smiling. and actually showing those pearly whites! ohp!


briit said...

oh man i want one!

Jervis said...

awwww man,u treat him like hes ya son,lol

-- // lethalpoi$on said...

lol (jervis) my parents say that all the time ; thats my x3

nt skinne n e mo said...

he is too cute...i want one!

im jealous....well not about the snor`n part. lol

Christopher said...
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