Tuesday, November 18, 2008

november 17th - 3:10 am

-- i continuously take these like power naps whn i get home from school, wake up around 2am & still question why i cant seem to fall back to sleep (?) & not to mention the fact that i have these anguishing cramps which plays a part in my attempt to not fall asleep // ugh. im aggravated & crabby sipping warm tea with abt 2 slices of lemon & watching family guy because its practically the only entertaining show on latenght tv. my fingers are getting tired & my eyes are literally BURNING so im jst gna bullet my agenda for the next 5 hours before school (lol)

  • sign off the internet
  • rewrite my away msg on aim -- blaah
  • refill my cup of tea & refresh my lemons :]
  • iron my clothes for the morning // argh!
  • pop another 4 pills to execute my unrelenting cramps lol
  • ibuprofen, excedrin & naproxen (yess baby)
  • straight ODee off em` lmfao
  • reply to unanswered txtmsgs i received earlier
  • ask myself why i do these thngs routinely every nght (?)
  • pray & ask God for forgiveness & strength
  • count sheep :]
alright im beat! outtt bloggers *


JuiicyKisz said...

lol awwww. i wish i could take naps like that! but i can't. :( and you seriously do the same thing every night? woooow lol.

Miss.Fortune said...

lol lets see how many did u actually do! naw but shit im feelin just like u right now..its time i lay down wit some tea of my own

-- // lethalpoi$on said...

lol yesss religiously! & miss fortune - i definitely did every las one loll