Thursday, November 13, 2008

2008 MTV Europe Music Awards

none other thn the daring ms.Estelle wearing a beautiful disaster at the 2008 MTV Europe music awards which took place on Nov 6,2008. honestly ths paper mache replica looks jst about as attractive as a 2 legged dog. GRANTED shes freaking it like a Dolce & Ganbana original but we can obviously see its NOT. & OMG it has pockets! ughh! dont get me wrong most of the time she has ths unique style that i jst admire but whn i saw ths heep of a mess i thought "omg wtf?" -- wearing a beige paper bag is a little risky but hey if thats what passes for a disguised compliment or a few papparazi flicks so critics can later dissect it thn baby so be it :)


JuiicyKisz said...

estelle looks a hot ass mess! wearin a damn potato sack. shame on it all. but i agree, solange looks pretty damn hawt!

Super Woman said...

i wont say anything about is one of those days when i should say something nice LOL
soooo I'll say this

solange is the bomb!!!

i never really liked how she used to dress until i figured out why she dresses like that she's an artist and her clothes are a way of expressing her self artistically even though i will NEVER like that purple fur shawl she's always wearing ....NEVER