Saturday, November 22, 2008

11.22.08 nght with dannie :]

omg so tonght had to be theeee most LAUGH OUT LOUD nght of the month! literally. so ths is how it went ; i did a little running around in the beginning of my day, went to see my godchild thn hurried to pick up dannie! we started our nght like any other friendship ; with nothing but gossip, gossip, & more gossip. yum! thn decided to eat out at the applebees on springfield ave * --i figured it'll be classless & tacky but believe it or not the establishment carried thmselves verrrry well & i was very satisfied. although our waitress couldve did without the speech impediment lol but whos to say my speaking is 100% correct ya know? ANYWHO! we started the meal off with conversation while we waited....... and waited...... and waited patiently for our appetizers :) FINALLY whn nicole (the waitress) came i enjoyed a wonderful caesar salad & she had mozzarella sticks with marinara dipping sauce (which she didnt eat by the way! ugh) laughed practically through the whole meal lol meanwhile we're connecting in ways unimaginable & finding out what ELSE we could possibly have in common. yet STILL laughing :-D half hour goes by & nicole comes back to the table for the 17th time & asks us if we're ready to order lol so we finally decided on our main entree`. i ordered the grilled & asiago chicken with garlic mashed potatoes & steam veggies (ooh lala*) & dannie ordered a short stack of babybck ribs & fries (which yet AGAIN, she didnt eat! argh!) throughout our dinner i could barely chew my food or swallow my sprite *with a lemon* because every other word that came outta dannies mouth was OUT OF THS WORLD! i laughed, laughed, laughed, laughed, laughed. i mean, no exaggeration necessary you guys. so im sitting down, literally devouring my meal whn outta nowhere dannie brings up the topic abt her obsession with lighter skinned males. once again, we have smething in common. i mean with me i wouldnt say obsession but 2 outta 3 of the boyfrnds i've ever had was lighter than me, it wasnt a requirement (lol) but it was a religious pattern ya know? so i explained how my first love* larry was lightskin & my second was jst as light. so shes like larry? big ears? short? howard? im like OMFG! PLEASE DONT TELL ME......... thn she cuts me off & says "yes i used to talk to him" OMG! WTF! YOU GOTS TO BE KIDDING ME! was the only thngs that were going thru my mind at ths point.... like ths was jst another thng to add on to our list of "thngs in common" & it was jst getting freakier by the second. so we go into another discussion abt how our current boyfrnds are a tad bit darker & how we'd rather thm over our ex's lol so moving on... we get on the infamous topic of yes yes, you already know! SEX!! i explain to her how im saving myself for marriage but im not totally innocent & thn we jump into the "other thngs besides sex" convo lol you guys! im telling you! it was sooo juicy! so we're talking, and talking, and making fun of the "fashion NOTS", and talking..... lol every moment was jst the absolute best! so eventually we were done chowing down & it was time to wrap it up. we paid for our food separately so the waitress had to tally exactly whos was whos because she assumed we were lesbos & whoever played the role of the boyfriend would handle the check lmfao okay okay no! we jst forgot to tell her lol any who as im evaluating MY check, im thinking to myself... did i really eat $18.48 worth of food? or am i jst being cheap again? lol i paid credit & she paid ca$h ---- after everything was handle we noticed we had occurred a little itty bitty problemo ; whos gona leave the tip?? lol after go back & forth abt how much would be proper we agreed to disagree & left ths -------------> lmfao yes indeedy, two buckaroos under a heinz ketchup bottle lol lol lol! hey times is hard & it be's that way! lol but overall i enjoyed myself to the fullest extent possible & tonght was definitely a nght to remember :] & thn whn i got home i kinda felt bad abt the whole "tip" thng, i mean because hypothetically speaking, WHAT IF she had 13 kids, 9 babydaddies who didnt do CRAP to support thm, living in a two room shack with the tub & toilet in the kitchen & depends solely on her tips...... would we be held accountable for her "financial" mishaps for tonght? lol idk jst a thought.


Super Woman said...

omg.... i be thinking like that tooo!!!

i be like what if she has like 4 kids one with a prostetic leg that needs to be updated one with autism one with dyslexia and the other one who likes to steal and set things on fire and she lives in some shamble of an apartment with roaches the size of puppies and rats the size of lions tigers and bears ....i end up leaving 5 dollar tips in the end

and get mad when i get home because at least 3 of those dollars could have went to something at the store >=/

dannie said...

--omgomg! lol this was one of thee funniest niqhts evr lol we had so muchfun this niqht! we definitely have to do it again*i couldnt help but laugh (like a drunk moment lol] but this niqht was definetly one to remember!it was good just to realax & get my goofy moments out lol even though your riqht i didnt eat all my food lol & that food is still sittinq in my fridge as i write this lol my bill was too high for me not eat n e of my food! lol but the girls @ the movies was thee best lookinq like uqh there are no words for that one lol lol! but i dont want to take up most of your time lol having to read this! lol i love you but ohyeah one day i am going to put a $50dollars in the picture thing & get my dam 192 quaters int here lol!

ABC said...

LMAO! "13 kids and 9 babydaddies"