Sunday, December 7, 2008

drunk driving? shts not cool.

who ever said teenagers were the only irresponsible humans to ever walk ths earth? i believe the world has the potential to birth a few irresponsible adults as well. im no saint & i may not be the most responsible person ever but i think i can discern whats right & wrong. its 2:42am - coming from a nght out, i stopped by my bestfriends house before i went home. it was a saturday & we both were bored. so we're sitting in the livingroom abt to open another conversation & outta nowhere we hear a loud BOOM! wtf jst happend??! so me being "concerned" (black folk we all know thats jst plain ole being nosy lmfao) i ran outside to see what happend. & ths is what stood before my eyes....

come to find out --- the driver of the silver Toyota Rav-4 was a spanish male who had one too many drinks & the gray Ford Focus was jst a regular car, on a regular street, at a regular house, at a bad time. THANK GOD no one was hurt except for the cars & the "neighborhood watchers" sign (lol). oh & thanks to me being the designated 911 caller & "ringer for the doorbell of the ford focuses owner" lol though the owner was overwhelmed, i mean who wouldnt be? my bestfriend & i did our best to calm her down. i mean you gota look at the positive outcome of thngs ; no one was injured & his insurance company is buying you a christmas car *** lol -- he was arrested for DUI of course & both cars were towed because they were evidently totalled. tough huh? WORD OF ADVICE ; drinking is not the worse thng in the world but its sure not the best. if your a constant drinker or an occasional drinker, teenager or adult, please drink responsibly & a cabbie or even having a designated driver is the most safest way to get home. people? drunk driving? shts not cool.